Nemeth Consulting is available to assist with all stages of your content’s life-cycle.

We approach content with a strategic mindset asking questions such as — Who is the specific audience for it?; Will the content meet some need or solve some problem they are having?; How will they find it and share it?; How can this content, once created, be leveraged across multiple formats and channels for maximum utility?

We can help with one-off lead generating pieces like white papers and special reports or longer content series delivered over time like blog posts or company newsletters.  We can also take a single piece of content like a case study and repurpose it across multiple channels such as web, print, and social media.

If you need content developed from scratch, here are some ways Nemeth Consulting can assist with your marketing needs:

*Stakeholder, Knowledge Expert, and Customer Interviews
*Concepting of Topics
*Success Stories
*White Papers
*Web Copy
*News Releases
*Social Media Integration
*Executive Profiles
*Corporate Histories
*Online Article Marketing
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If you already have a portfolio of content that you need assessed for its relevance to your business goals and customer audiences, we can assist with that as well:

*Content Inventory
*Content Audit
*Key Messaging Assessment & Development
*User Personas
*Gap Analysis
*In-House Content Workflows
*Editorial Calendars
*Editorial Style-Guides
*Competitive Research
*Training in-house staff in copywriting and content development
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If you require a Turnkey Solution that entails not just content development, but web, design, and other services, Nemeth Consulting and its partners offer a full suite of services to manage all your marketing needs.

*Web Site Design or Redesign
*Content Migration
*CMS Integration
*Landing Page Optimization
*Graphic Design & Layout
*Pay-per-Click Advertising
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